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ID DECO Concepts combines the techniques of the Home Staging,as well as Feng Shui and Marketing to propose to you the keys of a real estate sale or a successful concept launching, according to your needs and your aims. The Home Staging is a way to give added value to your appartment or Villa. Learn how to stage your interior decoration in order to help your future purchasers having a lightning stroke at the first visit. This concept born in the USA in the years 1970 and made famous in France with Stephane Plaza TV movies makes it possible to sell a real estate at its price gone twice more quickly.

To arrange space according to basic rules’ of “the School of the Form” of Feng Shui, taking into account of the symbolic system of the objects and the colors generate a feeling of immediate wellbeing with the creation of a harmonious interior.

Following marketing rules, before launching a good on a market sale, implies a better adequacy of the offer and request, and brings about having a concept or a good, targeted with customers and adapted to its waitings.